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Ambassadors have been sharing links to helpful resources during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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What are the 7 habits of
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Newest Ambassadors
  • Profile picture of Alan Abramson
    Professor and Director of Nonprofit Management, Philanthropy & Policy, George Mason University
  • Profile picture of Lindsey Buss
    Senior External Affairs Officer, Community Outreach, The World Bank Group
  • Profile picture of Rhonda Evans
    Senior Manager, Monitor Institute by Deloitte
  • Profile picture of Linda Johanek
    Senior Associate, Morino Ventures and Co-lead Ambassador Onboarding and Engagement, Leap Ambassadors Community
  • Profile picture of Anu Malipatil
    Director, Education, Overdeck Family Foundation
  • Profile picture of Rakesh Mohan
    Director at Office of Performance Evaluations, Idaho State Legislature
  • Profile picture of Jerry Partlow
    CEO, Partlow Insurance Agency
  • Profile picture of Jo Rice
    Chief Executive, Resurgo
  • Profile picture of Bess Rothenberg
    Senior Director of Strategy and Learning, Ford Foundation
  • Profile picture of Javaid Siddiqi
    President and CEO, Hunt Institute
  • Profile picture of Brett Theodos
    Senior Fellow, Urban Institute
  • Profile picture of Liz Walters
    Morino Ventures, Leap Support Team, County Councilwoman, Summit County Ohio
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