Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement Starts Here

Producing meaningful, measurable, and financially sustainable results is hard. These resources can help.

Find out what high performance means, what it takes to achieve it, and how to get there.

Discover a structured approach to moving forward on the path to high performance, collaboratively developed by leaders who have walked the talk. Find out what high performance means and how to achieve it. Collect board, executive leadership, and staff perspectives on your organization, analyze feedback to identify strengths and gaps, and learn and improve together. Do it again to assess progress.

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The Definition

Find out what a high-performance organization looks like

A group of nonprofit leaders, funders, researchers, and consultants created the definition that serves as the foundation for our resources, the Performance Imperative and the Performance Practice.

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The Disciplines

View the Performance Imperative, a framework for social-sector excellence

The Performance Imperative is a framework of seven organizational disciplines that helps nonprofits and public agencies continuously improve on the path to high performance.

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The Behaviors

Put the framework into action with the Performance Practice

The Performance Practice helps nonprofits and public agencies dig deeper into the Performance Imperative and use it as the basis for ongoing reflection, learning, and improvement.

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