The Community

The Community

Leaders Who Believe “Performance Matters”

High performance must be the norm if we are to make meaningful progress in addressing society’s most challenging problems.

The Leap of Reason Ambassadors Community believes that mission and performance are inextricably linked and advances this “performance matters” message every chance we get. We strive to shift mindsets by earning the respect of the field.

Each ambassador brings depth of knowledge and experience, passion for inspiring others, and a commitment to increasing the expectation and adoption of high performance in the field.

Our private community of leaders forms the nucleus of what we hope will be expanding concentric circles of nonprofit and civic leaders, funders, and public servants who share this core commitment to high performance.

Our credibility defines who we are as a community. We come together out of a mutual respect for one another, and build trust by communicating honestly and working towards our shared goal. With this foundation, every member protects the credibility of the community as a whole.


Vision and strategy that enable leaders to come together to advance a purpose
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Leaders in the community engage to develop works, drive issues, and share knowledge
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Structure, protocol, activities, and support necessary to run a community of purpose
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Process to guide the gradual expansion of the community of leaders
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