Dan Tsin

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Dan Tsin


Director, Equal Measure


Dan serves as the Chief Impact Officer at Urban Alliance, a national youth development nonprofit. Dan works to create alignment, strategic direction, and shared measurement across Urban Alliance’s program implementation and support services to maximize impact. He leads the organization’s evaluation work, ensuring that Urban Alliance has high-quality, accurate data to drive program and operations-level decision-making, and frequently presents at national conferences and seminars. Through his work, Urban Alliance is now recognized as a leader in nonprofit performance management and evaluation.

Before joining Urban Alliance in 2012, Dan spent three years in consulting before transitioning to the social sector while working for D.C. Public Schools. Dan graduated from the College of William and Mary with a bachelor’s degree in finance and government, and holds a master’s degree in public policy with a concentration in program evaluation and education policy from George Washington University.

Dan also serves on the board of the National Youth Employment Coalition.

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