Performance Matters Presentations

‘Performance Matters’ Presentations

Be inspired, borrow, or copy as much as you want. We share these presentations to make it easier for you to spread the word about high performance. Need the PowerPoint presentation, itself? Just email us at

Why Performance Matters

Explanation with pictures and quotes from numerous nonprofit leaders for why performance matters now more than ever.

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Performance Imperative Overview

Introduction to the Performance Imperative includes examples of each of the seven pillars of high-performance organizations

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‘Performance Matters’ Call to Action

Ideas for how people can connect and join forces with the Leap Ambassadors Community to spread the message of high performance

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Performance Practice: Learn. Improve. Repeat

Presentation with information about the Performance Practice, the defining factors, and ways that leaders can use it in their own organization.

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WATCH: Intro to the Performance Imperative


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What's a "high-performance organization"? How do you get there from here? The Leap Ambassadors Community, a group of nonprofit executives, spent a year developing clear, actionable answers to both questions: "The Performance Imperative: A framework for social-sector excellence" (PI).

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"High-performance organization" is a moniker most organizations—private, public, or nonprofit—would love to earn. And yet who can say what "high performance" really means for mission-based nonprofits? More important, how do executives, boards, and funders get there from here?!

The Leap Ambassadors Community, a network of nonprofit executives, has spent a year developing clear, actionable answers to both questions. You can find them in the free—and jargon-free—document "The Performance Imperative: A framework for social-sector excellence" (PI). Here, in a nutshell, the PI's definition of "high performance": the ability to deliver—over a prolonged period of time—meaningful, measurable, and financially sustainable results for the people or causes the organization is in existence to serve.

In this era of scarcity and seismic change, high performance matters more than ever. The social and public sectors are increasingly steering resources toward efforts that are based on a sound analysis of the problem, grounded assumptions about how an organization's activities can lead to the desired change, and leadership that embraces continuous improvement. This formula is at the core of the PI.

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