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Strategy for Change and 2019 Ambassadors Survey

3 Oct 2019

This is the second of two important emails. Please read the one sent on October 2 first (here). We’re excited to share the community’s Strategy for Change and plans for engaging the community in 2020 as we approach a watershed time in the community’s evolution. We hope you’ll take the time to read and reflect

Strategy for Change Campaign and the Community’s Future

2 Oct 2019

This is the first of two important emails you’ll see this week. Look for email #2 here. We’re sharing some exciting news and asking for your advice and support regarding the future of the Leap Ambassadors Community and the value we can create as we move forward together. It’s About Making a Difference As we

Making Diversity Intentional

18 Oct 2018

This post and video (6 1/2 minutes) – click here to view – starts our ongoing effort to be a more diverse community and be better for doing so. Please consider joining us on November 1, 1:00pm (ET), for our next Community Conversation where we’ll be discussing community updates and our plan to increase diversity.  In last year’s

Another Video Message From Me to You (Community Progress and Plans)

26 Jul 2018

Hello, all, This two-part video aims to give you some context on our work (Part 1) and a six-month update on the community’s progress and plans (Part 2). Again, nothing fancy–just me talking. Part 1 explains what we’re doing (and why) and why the community itself matters. Please click here to view the first video

Broadening Community Review Process for Products

8 May 2018

Over the past several months, three ambassadors raised concerns about whether we’re being too self-promotional/self-congratulatory in some of our materials and providing enough balance (the good, bad, and/or ugly) between what a leader self-reports about his/her organization’s progress and a third-party’s point of view. It’s important that any piece published under the community’s banner be

Nominating Ambassador Candidates

10 Apr 2018

As many of you know, the team and I put a high value on leadership, people, and culture. Life is so much better when, as Jim Collins notes, “You have the right people on the bus.” The same idea applies to our Leap Ambassadors Community, especially when you think about the breadth and depth of

Ambassador Expectations

29 Mar 2018

As you know, the exploratory inviting and onboarding process is back underway. Thanks to feedback from many of you, we believe we’re in a much better place in how we share and explain the: Criteria for assessing the mutual match and fit of a candidate and the community (shared in the March 6 Ambassador Criteria

Ambassador Criteria

6 Mar 2018

In an earlier post, I highlighted our commitment to explain the community’s core definitions and the role of ambassadors better. We’ve worked on clearer criteria to give ambassadors better guidance on what to consider when nominating individuals and to allow a candidate and the community to determine if there’s a good fit and match. The

Our Strategy for Change

20 Feb 2018

In the reflection feedback, a number of you asked about the community’s plan, strategy, and/or theory of change. The team and I have always had a view of the community, what it could do, how it would function, and what it could become, but we certainly didn’t share our views as clearly we should have.

Our Vision, Purpose, and Guiding Principles

6 Feb 2018

As promised, we’re committed to do more to explain the core definitions of the community and the role of ambassadors. Here’s the description of the community’s vision and purpose that has guided our activity and growth to date.    Vision and Purpose The Leap of Reason Ambassadors Community is a private community of nonprofit thought

Ambassador Status Provisions and Improvements to Invite/Onboard Process

23 Jan 2018

This message shares the new provisions for Ambassador Status and improvements for vetting, inviting, and onboarding prospective ambassadors. These actions are a direct result of your feedback and recent discussions. Ambassador Status Active ambassador engagement drives the Leap Ambassadors Community. Yet over the course of an ambassador’s time in the community, there may be ebbs

Mario’s Video Message to You

16 Jan 2018

Just a bit ago, Mario posted a personal message in the online forum with a link to a video he made to share his thoughts about the community and to say thanks to you. We’re biased, of course, but every single one of us on the team (and we’re tough critics about our work) thinks

A Personal Video Message from Me to You

16 Jan 2018

Hello everyone, I hope you can find 30 minutes to view this video (actually 29:16 minutes!). It’s nothing fancy—just me talking. I share my thinking on the community, the feedback you’ve provided, how we’re responding, and what lies ahead. This is something I wanted to do to thank you and to speak more personally about

Affiliate Ambassadors and Email Options Reminder

4 Jan 2018

Just a reminder that we offered a couple of different options for you to consider to address your feedback on “not enough time” and “too much email” in the Reflection Questionnaire. The initial feedback has been positive with comments like this one: “I am delighted with your flexibility for those of us who strongly believe

An Option for Ambassador Participation

12 Dec 2017

While it’s clear that a majority of you are positively engaged in the community, the reality is that a subset of you aren’t. A few say the sheer number of community projects and activity is overwhelming. Some admit they simply don’t have the time. And, as is common with results-oriented leaders, some are feeling guilty

Community Messages – Full vs. Digest Access Options

8 Dec 2017

In the December 4 post, we shared five tactical changes we’re working on to address some of your concerns. This message focuses on the ways we’re working to reduce the volume of community email, including slowing down community activity, sending Leap team communications as individual direct messages, providing a monthly summary update, and exploring new

Response for “Too Much Email” Concern

4 Dec 2017

In the November 30 post, we provided a preview of some changes coming your way to address some of your concerns: 1) too much activity overall, 2) too much email, 3) little or no time to participate, 4) ambiguity around ambassador expectations, and 5) needed improvements to selection/onboarding processes. We hear you! It’s ironic that

Moving Forward on Your Feedback

30 Nov 2017

In my September 7 letter, I shared how grateful the team and I are to the many of you who contribute your time, intellect, and spirit in big and small ways to move our collaborative work forward. I also asked for your help in answering a number of questions, including these very important ones: Are

High-Performance Train Keeps Running

22 Nov 2017

As we share near-term changes in the coming weeks and months, we promise you the team is still busy advancing the community’s positive activity. Yes, we’re working to assess the future and mend what needs fixing, but we’re keeping the “high-performance train” running

Selective Excerpts of Feedback

17 Nov 2017

The file, Excerpted Selective Lists of Feedback, provides five categories of feedback extracted from the analysis of your 1,346 comments.The attached file, Excerpted Selective Lists of Feedback, provides five categories of feedback extracted from the analysis of your 1,346 comments.

Summary of Feedback Compilation

16 Nov 2017

Although we plan to send short posts (what we termed “digestible chunks” in an earlier post), this one and the next aren’t (mea culpa!). The Community Reflection Feedback Summary (20 pages) provides an introduction and compilation of your responses for each of the 18 questions in the Community Reflection Questionnaire. The summary contains minimal filtering

Setting a Positive Context

14 Nov 2017

No matter the future, we all should take pride in and feel good about what we’ve done together. In the community reflection feedback, this positive view of the community comes through in scores of comments about the community and your contributions.

Thinking Hard About Your Community Reflection Feedback

3 Nov 2017

Thank you for the ratings and 1,346 comments that 117 of you provided via the community reflection survey! By any community metric, this is an impressive response—even more remarkable considering the competing demands on your time. I’m happy to report we’ve made significant progress in organizing and analyzing your input. We’re trying hard to practice

From Panic to Smiles

11 Oct 2017

Two weeks after sending out the Community Reflection letter and questionnaire, we were anxious—only 27 responses logged. As of today, 118 of you have weighed in for a whopping 74.2%, one of the highest response rates yet. THANK YOU! The good news? You gave feedback filled with insightful views, suggestions, and legitimate concerns that we’re

Reflection on Community and Its Future

1 Sep 2017

Ambassadors, I’m asking for your help. We need your insights on our collective work with the Leap Ambassadors Community. Fully respecting how busy your lives are, the challenges you face, and the great demands on your time, I ask you read this long letter (2 ½ pages) and set aside some time (30-45 minutes) to

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