Bob Rath

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Bob Rath


former President and CEO, Our Piece of the Pie, Independent


Hartford, CT


As President and CEO of Our Piece of the Pie since 1994, Bob Rath helped engineer the refocus and rebranding of the organization (formerly South End Community Services) into one that focuses solely on helping urban youth, age 14 to 24, become successful adults. In 2007, Bob worked with Hartford Public Schools to plan and implement the August 2009 opening of Opportunity High School (OHS). This partnership school, which employs the youth development strategy of OPP and the educational resources of Hartford Public Schools, is focused on reengaging over-aged, under credited youth who have, or are in danger of, dropping out of high school. Bob was recognized as a “Local Hero” by Bank of America in 2006, served as Chair for the CT Children’s Council, served as Treasurer and board member for the National Youth Employment Coalition (NYEC), currently serves as Chair for Communities Collaborating to Reconnect Youth (CCRY) and has been a member of the Hartford Chamber of Commerce since 2006. Bob was awarded the 2010 State of the Schools Award, in gratitude for improving the state of Harford’s schools.

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