Community Products

Community Products

Content Developed By and From Ambassadors

Ambassadors contribute their collective knowledge and experience to collaboratively develop publicly available products, including primary or strategic products, curated community discussions on important topics, and kickstarters to provide context or introductions to strategic products.

“The Performance Imperative” provides a common definition for “high-performance organization” and lays out in detail the seven organizational pillars that can help you progress on the journey to becoming a high-performance organization.

In this era of scarcity and seismic change, high performance matters more than ever. The social and public sectors are increasingly steering resources toward efforts that are based on a sound analysis of the problem, grounded assumptions about how an organization’s activities can lead to the desired change, and leadership that embraces continuous improvement. This formula is at the core of the PI.

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Performance Matters Presentations

Jumpstart your presentations with these materials. Email us at to share stories about your sessions.

Performance Imperative Kickstarters

Guides to help you on your road to high performance

Kickstarters advance the promotion and adoption of a strategic product beyond its primary audience. They explain why the product is of particular value to a specific audience, and provide suggestions for how leaders can put it to use in their unique context. Kickstarters are tailored to “speak the language” of the audience they are trying to reach and reflect a genuine understanding of their perspectives.

Performance Imperative Organizational Self-Assessment (PIOSA)

The PIOSA suite of materials provides leaders a way to drive organizational learning through self-reflection, dialogue, and continuous improvement.

Building the Case for Funders

Discover stories of creative funders who know that their impact relies on helping their grantees get better at getting better.

Video: Intro to the PI

YouTube Playlist

Leaders share their own journeys to high performance in these video playlists organized by pillar.