Janet Oriatti

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Janet Oriatti


Division Volunteer Services Executive, Greater Chicago Area, American Red Cross


Janet Oriatti currently serves as Division Volunteer Services Executive at the American Red Cross, where she has worked in a variety of roles since 2003.

Janet became passionate about performance early in her nonprofit career when aligning grant outcomes with national metrics and local strategic planning. While serving as an examiner for the Missouri Quality Award, she observed how high-performance organizations create transformational change for stakeholders and communities. Janet has applied this mindset to create excellence in operations, administration, and volunteer management, as well as in her work on committees and boards.

Throughout her career and experience in volunteering, her commitment has been the same: to mobilize her leadership expertise to achieve mission results through forward vision, innovative solutions, continuous learning, and business efficiencies.

An alumna of the University of Michigan (BA) and Washington University in St. Louis (MA), Janet believes her liberal arts education trained her to find connections and themes across disciplines. That training enables her to analyze data and transform it into actionable knowledge to effect meaningful change.

In her free time, Janet enjoys playing old-time fiddle music, learning new skills and hobbies, and spending time with her family. She resides in the Greater Chicago area.

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