Shelley Metzenbaum

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Shelley Metzenbaum


Founder, The BETTER Project


Shelley Metzenbaum works to bring about a better world through better government, working both within and outside government. As founder of The BETTER Project, she encourages governments and those funded or regulated by government to use goals, data, analysis, well-designed trials, incentives, and visualization to find ways to improve outcomes and other aspects of performance, and to avoid using these tools in ways that create fear and dysfunctional responses. Metzenbaum previously served as founding President of the Volcker Alliance, Associate Director for Performance and Personnel Management at the U.S. Office of Management and Budget, head of regional operations at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and undersecretary of environmental affairs and director of capital budgeting for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Dr. Metzenbaum holds a Ph.D. in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School and a bachelor’s degree in Humanities and Asian Studies.

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