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Adrian Bordone


NPO Practice Manager, Amazon Web Services


Washington, DC


Adrian began his career teaching suspended and expelled middle school students in Baltimore City and quickly learned that their academic progress was impeded by significant social and emotional determinants that accompany poverty. Moving beyond the classroom, Adrian working for and running non-profit adult education, GED and workforce development programs focused on customized employment training in the health and finance industries. In 2000, he co-founded Social Solutions, a company focused on demonstrating the correlation between service efforts and child and family outcomes. During his tenure with Social Solutions, Adrian was a nationally recognized leader in case management and outcomes tracking software, performance management, Promise Neighborhoods, and evidence-based service model development and replication. Social Solutions was sold to a private equity firm in July, 2014. Today, Adrian serves on the board of the United Way of Central Maryland and the Superstar Foundation and provides consulting and support services to organizations and communities seeking to improve the quality of human services through the use of technology.

Adrian and his wife, Catina, have three children and reside in Millersville, MD.

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