Lucie Addison

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Lucie Addison


Learning and Improvement Lead, Einhorn Collaborative


New York, NY


Lucie Addison has experience as a management consultant (think summative evaluations, change management, frameworks, and lots of sticky notes), nonprofit planner (think Gantt charts, databases, and logic models) and now leads continuous improvement at the Einhorn Collaborative (facilitating learning, knowledge sharing, and the use of data by the foundation and grantee partners). The Einhorn Collaborative is a private foundation, with the vision that people of different beliefs and backgrounds work together with openness and kindness to solve our nation’s most difficult social problems. Its seven person team is based in New York City, and their nonprofit partners work all over the U.S.

Across her consulting, nonprofit and philanthropy roles, Lucie has worked in several issue areas including social cohesion and community development, criminal justice, national defense, higher education, and behavioral health.

Lucie first came to the U.S. as a wide-eyed Aussie exchange student during high school. One trip to New York City was enough, Lucie vowed to move here “when she grew up.” She finally made the move with her husband in 2013. Lucie and her family love to travel and see the country – they’re up to 25 states and counting!

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