Performance Practice Introduction: All Modules

Introduction: All Modules

Performance Practice Learning Module

How is your organization doing in the disciplines that lead to high performance?

Becoming high-performing means getting better at seven organizational disciplines.

This introduction is to all seven Performance Practice modules that help you and your team reflect on the extent to which your organization’s behaviors and practices align with the principles of high performance. Review the questions—and share them with your colleagues—for an introduction to the principles and practices of leadership, management, programs and practices, financial sustainability, learning culture, internal monitoring, and external evaluation for mission effectiveness.

The Introduction to All Modules is provided to give you a sense for what the Performance Practice has to offer. It’s perfect for sharing with your colleagues to decide where it makes most sense for you to start.

Want to engage your team in completing the self-assessment? We recommend doing what most organizations do—start with one module, or even two—but don’t overwhelm your team by trying to do it all at once. Take advantage of the Performance Practice’s flexibility and adapt it to meet your needs.

Download printer-friendly PDF of all questions

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