Get Started – All Modules

Get Started: All Modules

Performance Practice Learning Module

Assess your organization on all the Performance Practice modules—and develop a learning and improvement plan that meets your unique needs

If you’re hesitant about where to start or simply want an overview before committing organizational resources to the process, consider going through the entire Performance Practice on your own or with a few members of the senior leadership team.

Familiarizing yourself with all the modules gives you the opportunity to assess organizational strengths and challenges before determining how to involve a larger part of the organization in a collective learning and organizational development process.

Considering asking your team to complete all the modules? We recommend doing what most organizations do—start with one module, or even two—but don’t overwhelm your team by trying to do it all at once. Take advantage of the Performance Practice’s flexibility and adapt it to meet your needs.


User Guide

Introduction to the Performance Practice, acknowledgments, application, and development methodology

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Principles and Proof Points (All Modules)

Principles and proof points for all modules to provide overall perspective and context before completing the Workbook

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Intro to Performance Practice

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Getting Started Checklist (All Modules)

Quick start guide to setting up the Performance Practice Workbook for your organization

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Worksheet (All Modules)

File to use to complete the self-assessment, includes instructions; open on laptop/desktop rather than mobile device

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Setting up the Performance Practice

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The reporting app compiles data from all the worksheets into one spreadsheet.

Windows Instructions
Windows Reporting App

MacOS Instructions
MacOS App, up to v10.12/Sierra
MacOS App, v10.13+/High Sierra

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Compiled the results? Here are some tips for how to analyze your data

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Analyzing Your Data

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Also, don't miss our Reporting App Guide

Performance Practice Product Support

A Performance Practice Product Support team assists in the use of Performance Practice to 1) provide guidance; 2) support implementation and application; 3) collect and share user experiences; and 4) assist users interested in compiling results, tailoring, and custom branding. To learn more about Performance Practice Product Support, email the Performance Practice Application and Learning Coordinator at

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