Building the Case for Funders

Building the Case for Funders

Shining a Spotlight on Funders Investing in Grantees’ Performance

Funders’ impact is inextricably tied to the performance of their grantees.

As a result, the Leap Ambassadors Community will launch a campaign to encourage funders to use the Performance Imperative and the Performance Imperative Organizational Self-Assessment (PIOSA) to do more to help their grantees improve their performance. The campaign strategy is to establish a beachhead among funders willing to support their grantees’ learning and improvement—and open to learning and improving themselves. We’ll be looking for funders of all types—from the CEOs of multibillion-dollar private foundations to program officers at community foundations to donor families addressing a cause of personal significance.

Campaign Kick-off

The campaign kicks off in January 2017 with the PI Kickstarter, “Funding Performance: How Donors Can Do More Good.”  Ideally, the campaign will influence more funders to make substantial, multi-year investments to help grantees strengthen their management muscle and rigor, while aiming to engage funders willing to see the PI/PIOSA as a means to encourage deeper discussions with grantees and/or support an organization’s learning and improvement.  This Kickstarter sets the context for this campaign, which will build momentum through a steady series of stories, examples, and other relevant material that present positive actions by funders that support and adopt high-performance approaches.

Funding Stories (to be developed through 2017) – Coming Soon

The PI Kickstarter for Funders will be followed by a string of funder stories (one per quarter) to shine a spotlight on positive actions that help grantees do more by:

  • Making fewer, but larger, multi-year investments
  • Engaging with grantees to better understand their organizational needs
  • Investing in leadership and talent development
  • Covering more (or all) of what it takes for grantees to provide their services (full-cost funding)
  • Making more funding discretionary and/or increasing overhead allocations
  • Supporting Pay for Success and impact investing with great focus on achieving meaningful outcomes and impact
  • Helping with funding and assistance to strengthen one or more of the seven pillars of high performance.