Nicolaj Eljer

Leap Ambassador Profile




Nicolaj Eljer


Senior Director Public Policy and Planning, Ramboll Management


Copenhagen, Denmark


Nicolaj Ejler has for 20 years been a consultant to the public sector in Denmark, Scandinavia and the European Commission. He is a strong partner in developing public services, regulations and organizations to achieve quality in the interrelationship between management, organization, streetworker’s implementation and citizen demand. He has specialised in the fields of social policy, education, and labour with a special interest for disadvantaged children and youth and how to design high effective programmes and services to ensure inclusion of these vulnerable groups socially, educationally and at the labor market. Nicolaj has been leading Ramboll’s evaluation and performance management services for 15 years, taking Ramboll to the absolute market leading position today in evaluation of public programs and advising public sector organizations in performance management and Ramboll’s conducting of a series of complex randomized control trials in social, education and labor policy.